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Developer Guide


Developer Guide

For users who would like to access Scribe programatically, we provide two APIs:

  • The Batch API, a REST API for asynchronously uploading audio and video files and querying the results.
  • The Real Time API, a websocket API that allows for transcription of uncompressed audio as it gets produced.

Getting Started - Authentication

Use the Authentication Quickstart guide to retrieve and generate tokens that will allow you to access our APIs. These tokens are associated with your user account.

To connect a production application or service, it may be preferable to generate a separate key for that service. To do this, check our Public/Private Key Authentication guide.

Using the Batch API

Follow the Batch API Quickstart guide to transcribe a pre-recorded audio or video file.

Using the Real Time API

For users that want to stream audio in real time using websockets, we provide the Real Time Streaming Guide.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about Scribe check out our blog post.

If you encounter technical issues, visit our support page.

  • Authentication Quickstart

    Get started generating API tokens to interact with Scribe

  • Batch API Quickstart

    Transcribe audio / video using Scribe‘s Batch API

  • Real Time Streaming Quickstart

    Transcribe audio in real time using Scribe‘s websocket API

  • Authentication with Public/Private Key Pair

    Authenticate to Scribe using a Public/Private key pair

  • Batch API (OpenAPI Spec)

    OpenAPI specification for Scribe‘s REST API to upload audio / video files and asynchronously query results

  • Real Time API

    Websocket API for real time streaming

Have questions? Contact the Kensho Scribe Team